We work independently. A dog waste removal technician has no need to come into contact with anyone throughout his or her day. They spend their time inside their vehicle, driving from property to property, or alone on those properties while doing their work. All but essential office staff work from home.

We have always practiced sanitization. Our technicians are trained and have always used sanitization practices such as hand wipes, sanitizer, and other cleaners like kennel disinfectants to disinfect their tools in between properties. The coronavirus is like many other viruses, and sanitization products are effective in stopping spread.

We help prevent the spread of other diseases. There are many human diseases that can be carried by dog waste including E. coli, salmonellosis and parasites like roundworms and tapeworms. Considering many of our clients are incapable of scooping their dog’s poop (elderly, disabled, injured), they count on us to keep their properties clean and sanitary.

We help prevent environmental impact.  When left on the ground, pet waste negatively impacts the health of our community.  The EPA has classified pet waste as a “non-point source of pollution,” and water runoff that contains pet waste is a major contributor to e-coli in our waterway. AwwCrap! removes pet waste from residential yards, apartment common areas, municipality parks, dog parks, open spaces and empties pet waste stations throughout communities.

We recognize that Colorado and the entire country is going through a challenging time, due to the spread of COVID-19. Our pooper scooper service are aware of the public health concerns, and we are taking care to do our part in keeping Colorado clean and healthy.